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Medicolegal Reports by Medicolegal Psychologist: We Provide Medical Legal Reports within 7 days.

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Medico Legal Reports

Independent medical legal report writing handled with professionalism, speed and accuracy by medical legal psychologists.

We carry out medico legal psychological assessments for leading firms of solicitors and produce high quality reports that are checked to ensure accuracy and compliance with the Civil, Criminal and Family Procedure Rules.

Our specialist medico legal reports provide a thorough assessment of the issues in the case leading to early settlement of the case. Poor quality, cheap, medico-legal reports can increase the overall costs of litigation and an undervaluation of the value of the claim.

Because our medico legal expert psychologists have extensive knowledge of psychology and law we can ensure that our reports are focused and address legal issues in the case.

We undertake Expert Witness Assessments in:

  • Disability

  • Employment and Discrimination

  • Dyslexia

  • ADHD

  • Neuropsychology

  • Autism

  • Mental Health

  • Parenting

  • Occupational Health

  • Fitness to Plead

  • Forensic Risk

  • Personal Injury

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Medical legal psychological assessment is carried out by our medical legal experts to high professional standards. We use the medico legal report format recommended by leading professional organisations such as the Expert Witness Institute, the Academy of Experts and the BMA. Medico Legal report examples that we work to can be found here:

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Academy of Experts, the Expert Witness Institute, Your Expert Witness and the British Psychological Society Register of Experts

Medico Legal Report

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The role of an expert witness is different to the role of an advocate, experts witnesses are independent and owe their primary duty to the court. You will, therefore, need to instruct members of Advanced Assessments Expert Witness Agency through a lawyer, if you do not have a solicitor or barrister currently representing you. There are several organisations that provide free legal advice who can instruct us. Please click the links below to get in contact with a lawyer that does not charge a fee.

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