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Our forensic psychology consultants provide specialist forensic services including foresnic psychology assessments of offenders, forensic psychology case formulations, forensic consultancy, selection and assessment of employees working in forensic settings, and support for forensic staff in London, Nottingham, Birmingham and throughout the UK and internationally. Our expert witnesses provide assessments for courts, Youth Offending Teams, Parole Boards, social services, private and volunatary sector organisations, We design forensic psychological resources and traning. In addition we deliver individual and group therapy. At Advanced Assessments we have a wealth of experience in working in prisons, courts, the Crown Prosecution Service, Defence solicitors and probation and produce timely psychological assessment reports within 7 days of seeing your client. We are often able to arrange a forensic assessment on the same day as we receive formal confirmation of funding.

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Communicating Psychological Knowledge and Advice To Other Professionals.

Our forensic psychology consultants provide advice and training for lawyers in psychological knowledge and interventions. For example, we advise how issues should be presented to the judge and jury. We frequently provide advice and carry out research on special measures and reasonable adjustments so that victims and offenders can give evidence in court. Individuals are seen in HMPS, through the court service and in community settings. We are frequently called to give evidence in court on various forensic psychology issues.

We regularly provide structured feedback to clients, considering client needs and providing feedback that meets client needs.

Multi-disciplinary work is fundamental to our work in forensic psychology. We have a “joined-up approach.” We work with patients and clinical staff in forensic hospitals and communicate our forensic psychological knowledge to various professionals. Communicating psychological knowledge to a wide range of professions and the general public is an important part of our work in forensic psychology.

A large proportion of work in communicating forensic psychological knowledge is through the reports we provide and to professionals when we give expert evidence in court proceedings or at parole board hearings. We also communicate our knowledge in multi-disciplinary meetings. In this way, we ensure that decisions taken are informed by psychological knowledge. We have also provided policy advice, and our chief executive was responsible for carrying out the Equality Impact Assessment of Virtual Courts, the first programme to bring courts online.

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