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The latest research consistently shows that employee well-being is a better predictor of people’s productivity than job satisfaction. It has been shown to be a key determinant of organisational performance and the number one driver of employee engagement.

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Sickness Absence Reduction and Well-Being Assessments

Employee well-being takes into account physical, social, emotional, environmental, developmental and occupational considerations all within the context of the workplace. By measuring people’s well-being directly and comprehensively across all relevant dimensions, organisations are able to deliver a robust approach that’s based on facts, needs and priorities. The alternative is to waste time and resource on initiatives that are misjudged and ineffective.

We deliver organisational well-being assessments, engagement surveys and leadership impact assessments.

Well-being significantly reduces your organisation’s costs and improves profitability. We work with teams to ensure that the balance is right as some things might make one person ill and another thrive in the same organisation. A key part of our approach is to assess the factors that motivate key work teams and design policies and management processes to maintain, healthy, high performing teams.

We design policies and strategies that facilitate well-being and work life balance, thus reducing sickness absence, staff turnover and employment tribunal claims.

Responsibility for health and wellbeing at work belongs to both employers and employees. The key factors that can determine whether employees will have a positive or negative relationship a work are assessed are part of our well-being assessments, key factors include:

  • the relationships between line managers and employees
  • whether employees are involved in organisational issues and decisions
  • job design
  • availability and acceptability of flexible working
  • awareness of occupational health issues

Our effective well-being strategies help to reduce internal conflict, support people during big changes, and tackle expensive risks to productivity, such as poor performance and negative behaviours, legal grievance and disciplinary costs.

We help design and promote a culture of participation, equality and fairness that is based on open communication and inclusion. If your employees are in robust physical and mental health, feel happy in their work and are well supported by managers and leaders, they will be more engaged, more motivated, more productive, more resilient, less prone to absenteeism and more likely to stay with your organisation for longer.

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