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Assessments for gifted and talented students

These programmes have a number of component parts:
  • A cognitive assessment to explore verbal, visual, memory and speed of processing skills.
  • This assessment provides an IQ Score and a profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses in the areas assessed.
  • A consultation with an educational psychologist
  • Development of a personalised Gifted and Talented programme that the school/family can use to further support the student
  • Completion of a comprehensive psychological report which may provide assess to additional resources or support

Assessing whether the school is right for your child

  • We will work with you to ensure the school is right for your child
  • We will ensure that you are able to access the relevant information that you need to make a decision
  • We also work with parents to prepare their children for the necessary interviews or tests required to gain access to the school of their choice

Anxiety, self esteem and well-being

  • We carry out a comprehensive assessment of your child’s self-esteem
  • We determine what areas of self esteem need further work – school, family or social self esteem
  • We assess the impact that low self esteem has on learning
  • We develop strategies for you and your child’s school to implement to improve your child’s self esteem
  • We develop programmes to reduce any anxieties that your child has about school to help ensure that your child finds school enjoyable

ADHD, autism or Asperger’s syndrome

  • In typical programs we:
  • Work with parents and the school
  • Engage with the student
  • Develop a personalised profile of need
  • Design a personalised support programme with focused targeted teaching and learning activities
  • A detailed psychological report is provided at the end of the process

Behavioural problems

  • We are expert in reducing children’s behavioral problems, our package includes:
  • A classroom and/or playground observation of the student
  • A school based assessment 
  • Individual work with the student
  • A school based consultation (where the teacher or Special Educational Needs Co ordinator (SENCo) or Headteacher is invited)
  • A clear and comprehensive report and action plan
  • Development of an individualised programme that a Teaching Assistant/ Learning Mentor/ Special Educational Needs Coordinator at the school can deliver
  • Development of further targeted recommendations based on the consultation and assessment results.

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