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Assessments for Extra Time in Exams & Support

Our adult educational assessments typically involve the following:
  • An initial discussion with the psychologist about your academic, social and emotional background.
  • An assessment of intellectual functioning.
  • A reading assessment.
  • A writing assessment 
  • A numeracy assessment.
  • A full report explaining the assessment results.
  • A targeted set of recommendations to further support you.
  • Recommendations as to what additional support you need to develop your academic skills (such as additional time in exams and/or other exam concessions.) This report can be used as part of a Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA) which will help you gain additional financial support
  • Advice on whether you are academically gifted
  • Advice on study skills and exam preparation you may benefit from
  • We carry out similar assessment for Assess to Work and to support applications other allowances for disabled people.

We provide assessments for Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunals and Courts for individuals with:

  • Neurodevelopment disorders such as intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder,
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder;
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia);
  • Specific Learning Disorders (such as dyslexia);
  • Neurocognitive disorders;
  • Anxiety Disorders;
  • Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder and other Psychotic Disorders;
  • Bipolar and Related Disorders;
  • Depressive Disorders;
  • Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders;
  • Trauma-and Stressor Related Disorders;
  • Personality Disorders; and
  • Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders.

We work throughout the UK & USA.
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