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We regularly prepare medico legal reports on adults and children in Personal Injury Claims assessing for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, or other mental health problems following a road traffic accident (RTA), bullying at work, school or other distressing incidents. We advise on fitness to return to work and/or therapeutic requirements with timescales and costs.

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Adult personal injury

This comprehensive expert assessment includes immediate post-accident assessment, current symptoms, pre-accident history, treatment implications and prognosis. Pre-interview questionnaires and tests are used.

Child personal injury

When a child is under 10 or 11, they are given a brief and friendly interview following which their parent is interviewed in depth.

Neuropsychological assessment

This is carried out when any type of intellectual (cognitive) functioning is impaired following a head injury, concussion or brain disease. It involves a comprehensive series tests plus where appropriate interviewing of relatives.

Chronic pain

This provides a comprehensive assessment of the psychological aspects of chronic pain. It assesses pre-injury history of pain complaints plus post-injury coping strategies. Pain Management treatment options are recommended.

Employment stress and absence management

This assessment includes either individual or organisational assessments of stress or other psychological illness and the impact that it has on the individual or the organisation. A summary of the employment difficulties is presented along with practical strategies to reduce absence cases by stress and other psychological conditions at work and individual treatment programmes. Where necessary managers, human resource and occupational health professionals are trained so that there are able to better recognise stress at work and take the necessary remedial action.


  • Work place discrimination: disability, race, sexual
    orientation, religion and belief
  • Work place stress: bullying, harassment, relationship
    conflict and work overload)
  • Health Issues: physical and psychological, including anxiety,
    depression, drug misuse and chronic pain

Therapeutic support available in personal injury cases

We also provide psychological therapy carried out by experienced therapists using up to date treatment techniques such as:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Life coaching
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Integrative therapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Cognitive analytical therapy
  • Brief therapy
  • Counselling
  • Employee assistance
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing
  • Therapy underpinned by attachment theory and other systemic therapy approaches
Local authorities, businesses and solicitors can access our services. We also offer contracts for commissioners

We typically work with the following:

  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Human resource professionals
  • Occupational health and well-being departments
  • Insurers and re-insurers
  • Trade Unions and professional associations
  • Claims management companies, Case Managers, and rehabilitation companies

Typical personal injury issues that we specialise include:

  • Road traffic and train accidents
  • Work place accidents
  • Medical accidents
  • Flying and boating accidents
  • Assaults
  • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Natural disaster accidents
  • Mental health problems
  • Brain injuries
  • Assessment of difficulties with memory, concentration and attention
  • Psychological factors related to road traffic accidents
  • Psychological factors relating to work place accidents
  • Clinical negligence
  • IQ and mental capacity
  • Neuropsychological assessments
  • The effects of disfigurement and psychological trauma;
  • Phobias and/or specific anxieties
  • Depression
  • Social, psychological and emotional issues.
  • Equality Act cases
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Mental Health Act
  • Adult sexual abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Psychological assessment of anxiety
  • Psychological assessment of brain injury
  • Occupational bullying
  • Bullying in education
  • Educational negligence
  • Care homes, residential, sexual abuse
  • Neurological cognitive skills assessment
  • Psychological cognitive skills assessment
  • Psychological assessment of constructive dismissal
  • Psychological assessment of depression
  • Neuropsychological assessment of depression
  • Disabled persons, employment, unfair dismissal
  • Harassment employers liability
  • Employment prospects
  • Earning capacity
  • Discrimination in employment
  • Fitness to work psychological assessment of
  • Psychological assessment of the mental state
  • Road traffic accident related neurological injuries
  • Occupational health
  • Psychological assessment of occupational stress
  • Occupational welfare
  • Personal injury, quantum in road traffic accidents
  • Road traffic accident psychological sequel
  • Psychological assessment of redundancy
  • Psychological assessment of sexual abuse
  • Psychological assessment of physical abuse
  • Psychological sequel of sexual abuse
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)
  • Assessment of malingering
  • Advice on quantum (how much the claim is worth)
  • Falling, tripping and slipping accidents
  • Public area hazards
  • Commercial premises hazards
  • Workplace hazards
  • Domestic hazards
  • Manual handling and manual lifting
  • Lighting hazards
  • Visibility hazards
  • Treatment accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Leisure injuries
  • Building collapse
  • Criminal assaults and CICA claims
  • Police accidents
  • Human contributory factors in accidents
  • Rehabilitation
  • Fitness to work and failure to recover
  • Suspicion of malingering
  • Children's play area accidents
  • Decompression sickness
  • Mortality calculations
  • Cost of injury, cost of death and cost of disability
  • Housekeeping requirements
  • Care requirements
  • Equipment requirements
  • Housekeeping costs
  • Care costs
  • Care needs analysis
  • Care needs quantification
  • Medical requirements and nursing care requirements
  • Housing adaptations, structural alterations and equipment requirements
  • Mobility assessment
  • Financial quantification
  • Loss of income, loss of profits, loss of future earnings and loss of pension rights
  • Dependant’s loss of income and dependant’s loss of pension rights
  • Benefits and allowances
  • Periodical payments and structured settlements
  • Access to transport, transport allowance and vehicle allowance
  • Vehicle adaptation
  • Access to the community
  • Rehabilitation assessment
  • Costing dependency assessment
  • Support needs
  • Residual ability assessment
  • Rehabilitation in the community, community care and care in the community
  • Rehabilitation in the home
  • Social functioning and life skills assessment
  • Psychological reaction to disability and psychological reaction to disfigurement
  • Employment prospects, vocational evaluation and employability
  • Workplace issues, workplace adaptations
  • Capacity to study and capacity to work
  • Medical injury

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