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Risk Assessments
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We carry out offender risk assessments, they are typically based on a review of a number of sources of information.

  1. A detailed clinical interview;
  2. Psychometric testing;
  3. An interview with the prison officers and family members;
  4. A review of the pre-sentence report;
  5. A review of medical records; and
  6. A review of the indictment.


Personality assessment
Personality is assessed for psychopathology (e.g. depression, anxiety, and aggression). A comprehensive assessment of psychopathology is carried out and the assessment includes the respondent's approach to the test, including faking good or bad, exaggeration, or defensiveness. There are clinical scales, which correspond to psychiatric diagnostic categories and treatment consideration scales, which assess factors that may relate to treatment of clinical disorders or other risk factors, but which are not captured in psychiatric diagnoses (e.g. suicidal thoughts). Finally the assessment includes interpersonal scales, which provide indicators of interpersonal dimensions of personality functioning.

Intellectual assessment
Clients also complete an assessment of their cognitive skills. The results are used to assess mental retardation or the cognitive impairments usually found in individuals who have mental health problems.

Assessment of current thinking style
Assessment of the current thinking style, determines whether the individual has come to terms with the seriousness of the offences. This information is gained in part from the clinical interview.

An assessment of engagement in high risk and reckless behaviour is undertaken by using the STATIC-99, an actuarial instrument designed to estimate the probability of recidivism in sex offenders. Other assessment techniques may also be used to identify other important factors.

The psychometric tests is used to predict whether the client is likely to respond to treatment or reject treatment. Other data is used to validate the results. If the client is suitable for treatment, the client is then matched to a suitable treatment programme, if one exists.

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